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Benefits of Online IATA DG Training Courses
March 13, 2023

In today’s competitive workforce, people need every leg up they can get to get and maintain the best jobs on the market. If you’re involved in the shipping industry, you might want to consider an online IATA DG training program. This particular skill set can set you apart from the competition, and obtaining this type of certificate can offer you numerous benefits in your professional career.

What is an online IATA DG training class?

According to their website, the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) represents some 300 airlines and oversees 83% of total air traffic. They help support most aviation activity and maintain responsibility for creating industry policies on the most pressing issues airlines face. One of those responsibilities includes the best practices for transporting Dangerous Goods.

Since such materials can cause both personal and ecological damage, their safe handling remains a high priority. That’s why the organization offers online IATA DG training programs. These certified courses give you the training you need to safely handle and transport dangerous materials.

Individuals involved in any step of the hazmat shipping process can benefit from these courses, from the person who prepares them for transport to anyone who operates a vehicle transporting hazmat materials, those responsible for the design and manufacturing of the materials, and the workers who handle the loading and unloading of them.

During the training, you’ll learn all the standard safety protocols for shipping hazmat cargo, and you’ll undergo refresher courses as your certificate expires to stay on top of the industry’s latest best practices. If you add an IATA hazmat training certificate to your resume, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Reasons to do IATA hazmat training online.

Open up new career opportunities.

Jobs that involve the transportation of hazmat cargo require personnel to have the necessary qualifications and certifications to qualify for the job, so when you do an online hazmat training course, you’ll open the door to an untapped job market. Having the certification gives you a leg up, because these jobs don’t have as many qualified applicants, which increases the odds that you’ll land the next step in your career. Plus, since they require specialized training, these jobs often pay more than your typical shipping positions, so you can likely expect a nice pay bump after your training.

Meet a network of like-minding individuals.

Even though you’ll do the IATA hazmat training online, you won’t have to go through the course alone. Oftentimes, these courses have people from all over the country participating, which helps you in different ways. Having a digital classroom of people going through the training gives you support to earn your certificate. You can communicate outside of the sessions to help each other with any issues you might encounter. After the training, you can keep in touch with your classmates. That way, you’ll have a nationwide network of professionals who can help connect you with potential job opportunities in the future.

Tailor the course to your needs.

Another benefit of online IATA hazmat training is that you can make it fit your specific needs and schedule. Online courses offer more freedom, because you can typically take the lessons from anywhere and at a time that works best for you. You can also choose the hazmat training you’d like to take. Since different materials have different handling protocols, you can simply enroll in the course that matches your daily job requirements, saving time and money.

Enroll in online IATA hazmat training today.

Here at CARGOpak Corp, we offer customized training solutions for shipping hazardous materials. We’re dedicated to ensuring our clients receive effective hazmat shipping and dangerous goods training to suit their needs, and we offer a bevy of online courses you can enroll in now. Learn more about our on-demand online training, or contact us to complete your assessment form.

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