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CARGOpak Offers Customized Solutions for Shipping Dangerous Goods
June 11, 2020

On any given day in the United States, millions of tons of hazardous materials are being transported. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates the rate of hazmat carrier incidents is low when compared with the number of hazardous materials transported on U.S. highways and railways.

CARGOpak understands the business of shipping hazardous materials and how to do so safely. When your livelihood depends on the ability to safely transport hazardous materials, you can count on us to help reduce your risk and liability.

Our Services

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to ensuring clients receive the most effective hazmat shipping and dangerous goods training available in compliance with the U.S Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials guidelines.

Think of CARGOpak as your one-stop shop for reducing your risk and liability when shipping dangerous goods. Our hazmat shipping compliance specialists can work with you to create a hazardous materials plan that complies with federal regulations. We offer several services to clients.

1. Hazmat Shipping Consulting

With three decades of direct hazardous materials expertise, CARGOpak can offer insight into your legal responsibilities. From identifying and listing all hazardous materials in the workplace to understanding the risks of storing, using, and transporting hazardous materials, we have you covered. 

Our expert consultants will work with you to develop a corporate hazardous materials policy that incorporates the creation of hazmat modal-specific shipping procedures and processes for identifying and classifying all new products. On-site physical audits can be arranged upon request. Whether your needs are immediate or ongoing, we are here to help.

2. Dangerous Goods Training Webinars

Ensuring every employee who comes into contact with hazardous materials in your company is trained is key to avoiding hazmat shipping fines. Even employees who do not directly deal with hazardous materials should have an awareness of the procedures. 

Our live, instructor-led webinars focus on regulatory information and can be completed in two to three hours. There are four webinar topics available: 

Nitrate Films – Considered a readily combustible solid, nitrocellulose burns quickly once ignited. This course covers shipper responsibilities, consignment procedures, and a comprehension test. 

Limited Quantities and Consumer Commodities – This webinar focuses on domestic and international regulatory requirements. It includes shipper responsibilities, consignment procedures, and a comprehension test. 

Biological Substances – This webinar covers regulatory shipping requirements for research and diagnostic samples and dry ice. It does not include requirements for shipping Category A infectious substances. 

Lithium Batteries – Shipping lithium batteries is dangerous and stringent guidelines from the Department of Transportation (DOT) apply. This webinar clarifies the requirements and exceptions for domestic and international shipping. 

Attendees for all webinars will receive an overview of the regulatory process and have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions on the material if clarification is needed. A written test is administered at the end of the session to formalize comprehension of the class materials. Attendees will receive certificates of attendance that can be used to meet compliance requirements with hazmat. 

3. In-Person, On-Site Classes

On-site training is one of the best options for ensuring compliance with DOT regulations, and our in-person, on-site classes are customized to your business’ individual needs. Our team will review your hazmat and dangerous goods shipping requirements and craft a targeted solution. The training that will be provided to your employees will focus on that customized strategy. 

Choose the Consultants You Can Trust

CARGOpak has more than 25 years of transport industry experience and is capable of providing the on-site or virtual assistance needed to ensure DOT compliance.

Feel free to give us a call at 919-217-7636 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you meet your specific hazmat needs.

CARGOpak ships hazardous materials safely.