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CARGOpak, the experts in hazmat shipping training, share their full range of services
July 8, 2020

At CARGOpak, our professionals are leaders in hazmat shipping consulting, and in training companies how to properly ship hazardous goods. Our full range of training services can be customized to your company’s needs, whether you prefer on-site classes or webinars.

In this post, we’ll take a look at our training and consulting services, and we’ll explore which solution might be best for your team.

On-site classes

Let us come directly to you, and we can train your entire team on hazmat shipping compliance. Our on-site classes are private and fully customized, and they can include training on regulations for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), and more.

During the class, our instructor will explore in-depth material on safety, general awareness of hazmat shipping procedures, security, and job-specific training. Many of our clients find on-site classes to be the most effective way of giving their team a comprehensive understanding of the federal regulations. If your team is directly involved with shipping dangerous goods, on-site classes are the way to go.

Online webinars

If not everyone on your team can attend on-site classes, we can set up a convenient webinar instead. Our live, instructor-led webinars are engaging, informative, and effective. We’ll make sure your entire team is fully trained, and we’ll take the time to answer any questions they have throughout the session.

Attendees will complete a written test at the end of the webinar to formalize their understanding of shipping dangerous goods. Attendees who pass the written test will also receive a certificate of attendance, which is compliant with federal training regulations.

Customized consulting

Maybe you and your team have some training in hazmat shipping, but you need to brush up on certain subjects. Or, perhaps your company recently started shipping a new type of dangerous good that you don’t have experience with. In either case, this is where customized consulting can help.

After learning more about your needs, we can create a customized training plan for your team, or advise you on shipping different types of dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries, biological substances, and more.

Benefits of hiring a hazmat shipping consultant

If you’re in the business of shipping dangerous goods, it’s your responsibility to follow federal regulations, provide a safe environment for your employees, and make sure your entire team is properly trained.

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a hazmat shipping consultant:

  • You and your employees will fully understand the legal responsibilities of shipping hazardous goods.

  • You can keep your team safe by being aware of the risks of storing and transporting hazardous materials.

  • You can develop a solid emergency plan in the event something goes wrong.

  • You’ll be fully compliant with federal regulations, which can help you avoid hefty civil penalties.

Speak with a hazmat shipping expert today

CARGOpak is the go-to source for learning about hazmat shipping compliance. We have over 30 years of direct experience handling hazardous materials, and we can help your team safely conduct operations while remaining compliant with strict federal guidelines.

Contact us today to get started.

CARGOpak, the experts in hazmat shipping training, share their full range of services