If your company doesn’t have the dedicated, experienced personnel to work specifically with hazardous materials, we can help. Let CARGOpak be your go-to hazmat specialist and dangerous goods consultants. Sometimes the hardest part of hazmat compliance is just knowing where to look. With 30 years of direct hazardous materials expertise we can assist with all aspects of dangerous goods compliance.

So How Do You Get Started?

What areas do we need to cover first? After an initial review of your existing arrangement, we then get specific and discuss the level of involvement you require from us. It can be a complete revision of your company’s hazardous materials procedures, or an on-site audit, critique of your SDS or packaging design. After we gather the information and analyze your request, we submit a proposed plan of action that outlines specific implementation parameters, time frame and costs.

Dangerous Goods Consultingwhat to expect…

Depending on your needs, whether it’s immediate or long term we have the flexibility to work with any customer, regardless of time frame or size. Our technical know-how and professional consulting experience is just a phone call away. We can design a corporate hazardous materials policy, create job- or function-specific hazmat operational manuals, give ongoing shipment advice, standardize company hazmat model-specific shipping procedures, review new product classification and identification, and even do on-site physical audits. Whatever your needs are, we can help!

Why You May Need A Dangerous Goods Consultant:

Do you know and understand all your legal responsibilities?

Have you identified and listed all the hazardous materials in your workplace?

Do you know the risks of using, storing and transporting hazardous materials?

Is your staff sufficiently trained in all their varied performance functions and specific modes of transport?

Are they trained in the correct methods of handling and transporting of your hazardous materials?

Do you have documented emergency and security plans in place to protect your people and business?

Do you have all the correct documentation: registration, emergency plans and training records?

How We Can Help!

Compliance Audits,

Product Classification,

UN Performance Packaging Design,

Package Selection,


Inter-Modal Container Segregation and Loading Procedures,

Hazardous Materials Security,

Regulatory Interpretations,

Penalty Mitigation,

Special Permit Application Assistance

and more…