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You Need to Ship Hazardous Materials–Work with a Hazmat Shipping Consultant
February 10, 2021

For businesses new to shipping hazardous materials, it's tough to establish comprehensive procedures to meet regulatory requirements and keep your business and team safe. Companies that are experienced in hazmat shipping have dedicated job codes and SOPs. But you can work with a hazmat shipping consultant to gain experience, guidance, and expertise without requiring an internal hire.

Suppose your company will be permanently transporting and handling hazardous material. In that case, an industry consultant can help you develop a permanent position for maintaining safe handling and shipping procedures. This blog will allow you to ascertain if working with a hazmat shipping consultant is right for you.

Is your staff trained in handling and transporting hazardous materials?

Maybe your team is already experienced with handling hazardous materials but hasn’t dealt with shipping regulations before. Or, you’re working with a new material they haven’t received training for yet. A hazardous material consultant presents training to ensure everyone in your business understands all the materials’ risks and regulations.

CARGOpak Corp provides both in-person and webinar format for a variety of hazardous materials cclients, Here are a few product specific examples where we also offer monthly public webinars:

  • Biological substances Category B and Dry Ice
  • Domestic and international shipping for Limited Quantities and Consumer commodities
  • Lithium batteries
  • Nitrate films

We also provide private, custom webinars dedicated to the specific materials with which you’ll be working. When you fill out our needs assessment form, we’ll get a clear understanding of your unique hazmat requirements. Our training ensures your employees know both safety and regulatory procedures for handling the new material.

Do you know the critical documentation for hazmat shipping?

As the shipper, you’re responsible for protecting the people who come into contact with the package during shipping by accurately identifying and packing the material you’re shipping. A few of the hazard communications you’re responsible for include:

  • The appropriate marking to identify the package as hazmat
  • Accurate labeling in the correct places
  • Correct format of shipping documentation

It’s critical to have all the correct forms of communication every time you ship hazardous material. A hazmat shipping consultant will help you establish standardized procedures for new packaging and shipping requirements. They’ll also centralize other critical documentation you’ll need, such as:

  • Registration with the PHMSA as a transporter of hazardous placardable quantities
  • Emergency plans and procedures
  • Training records for your employees

Getting these records together is essential in case something goes wrong to protect your business and employees.

Are you familiar with the risks that come from storing and shipping hazardous material?

Depending on the hazmat your company will handle and ship, it may present an array of risks. A hazmat shipping consultant will make sure you’re informed about the dangers that hazardous material transportation poses. They’ll help you develop emergency plans and procedures, if required, and ensure your staff is thoroughly trained and capable. Some common risks hazardous materials may pose:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Violent reactivity with water or air
  • Health hazards, from chronic to emergent
  • Environmental risks

A consultant will inform you of the exact risks the material you’re working with poses and develop strategies for safe handling.

When you’re shipping hazardous materials, work with the experienced hazmat shipping consultants at CARGOpak Corp.

With over 30 years experience, we’re industry professionals who provide expert hazmat consulting services to companies to ensure regulatory compliance, hazardous materials security, package selection, and penalty mitigation. No matter the size of your business or the scale of your hazardous material shipping, we can provide personalized, flexible services.

Every business we work with starts by filling out a needs assessment form. It lets us evaluate your current infrastructure and gain a better understanding of your emergent and long-term needs. You can always reach out to us with questions through our easy online form.

A hazmat shipping consultant can help you establish safe procedures for shipping hazardous materials.