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Why hazmat shipping training online is an excellent option
January 13, 2022

Shipping hazmat cargo is complicated. There are countless domestic and international regulatory hurdles shippers have to navigate, and these hurdles vary depending on the substance itself. Unfortunately, on-site training is not always convenient. Luckily, hazmat shipping training online is an excellent, viable option that instills identical essential knowledge. At CARGOpak Corp, we have over 25 years of industry experience, and we are familiar with shipping requirements for all products and modes of transportation.

Here’s why hazmat training online is an excellent alternative:

What you learn

When considering hazmat shipping training online, people mistakenly assume online courses are more limited than in-person classes.

However, online courses offer identical education opportunities. Whether you need first-time training or a refresher course, there are ample online opportunities.

Computer-based training modules provide foundational training and refresher courses that teach students the fundamentals of shipping hazmat cargo while delving into specific, crucial concerns like limited quantity exceptions and shipping:

  • Nitrate film
  • Biological substances
  • Lithium batteries
  • And more

Failing to pack or label hazmat cargo properly can have severe consequences. This is easier said than done. Regulations change depending on the material and mode of transportation. Luckily, online training modules cover everything employees need to know about shipping.

These modules cover the classification, identification, packaging, packing, marking and labeling, placarding, and shipping papers required for hazmat shipping and turn employees into hazmat authorities who adhere perfectly to domestic and international shipping laws.

Benefits of hazmat shipping training online

There are several benefits of opting for hazmat shipping training online. Firstly, online courses are more accommodating.

Not only can employees work at their own pace and on their schedule, but online courses also save money for both employees and employers. Moreover, it’s easier to contact instructors directly for answers to essential questions.

Plus, online training offers the same certifications, so employees and employers alike don’t have to worry about an accreditation discrepancy. Also, working with an on-site trainer means you have to work around their schedule, too, which is a scheduling nightmare.

With advanced technology, fully interactive lessons, and learning benchmark checks, students emerge ready to pass examinations. Lastly, the flexibility of online training benefits both employers and employees when work is particularly demanding.

To truly understand the innumerable benefits of online courses, contact CARGOpak Corp now. After, fill out a needs assessment form for customized online training.


There are also innumerable supplemental materials and web events that put hazmat shipping training online in a league of its own.

Webinars are excellent ancillary components to online training, and they can even constitute live, one-on-one instruction in the 2-3 hour sessions. Webinars provide more depth of knowledge and critical regulatory information in concise, easily understood material.

Moreover, webinars include a close collaboration between the instructor and students, which is critical for learning. Webinars are also an opportunity for students to acquire the answers to their most pressing questions immediately to enhance overall comprehension.

Plus, webinars can accommodate your precise industry needs and demands, such as the unique hazmat cargo you deal with most frequently. Webinars can cover the gamut of hazmat shipping, from shipping biological substances to limited quantity exceptions.

Ultimately, webinars in conjunction with online training courses are an excellent opportunity to dive deep on topics you and your employees cannot afford to be anything but experts on.

Fill out a needs assessment form now!

If you need hazmat shipping training courses online, CARGOpak Corp is the leading solution. With over 25 years of industry experience and incomparable knowledge of shipping regulations for different products and modes of transportation, we tailor training to your specific industry needs. Complete a needs assessment form now so we can personalize your hazmat training!

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