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Getting certified with shipping hazardous materials training
March 8, 2021

Shipping and handling hazardous materials requires a great deal of care, knowledge, and consideration. And getting certified can potentially be an investment. But, believe us, it’s worth it. And, luckily, there’s plenty of shipping hazardous materials training that will certify you and your corporation to safely and effectively transport such materials.

At CARGOpak Corp, we’ve been consulting with companies, from SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations, and providing essential certification training to the entire country for over 30 years. Our extensive, collective experience enables us to provide expert training across all modes of transportation. And, best of all, it can all be conducted online.

Here’s what you need to learn to certify your company for shipping hazardous materials.

General awareness

This can seem like an unnecessary aspect of shipping hazardous materials training, but in all actuality, it is and should be a major point of emphasis. Especially when training employees with minimal experience working with hazmat.

Firstly, this is crucial to fully understanding the general requirements of Hazardous Materials regulations (HMR). And, just as importantly, it will enable your employees to recognize, identify, and handle hazardous materials.

This includes: identification of hazmat, placards, learning the hazard classification system as well as the hazardous materials table, shipping papers, packing, segregation, markings and labels, understanding HMR training requirements, and incident reporting requirements.

There’s a lot of general knowledge to learn that only seasoned experts can truly elucidate. And that’s why our training at CARGOpak Corp is essential for you and your company.


Safety is also a huge aspect of shipping hazardous materials training so you can be certified. Possibly one of the most important aspects for employees, learning how to safely handle hazardous materials is essential.

This includes things like emergency responses and accident avoidance, both of which can be literal lifesavers in dire situations.


This is critical to shipping hazardous materials training for two reasons. Firstly, employees will be taught the risks involved with transportation of hazardous materials. Moreover, they’ll learn different ways of recognizing and addressing serious security threats.

Also, the final phase involves outlining (and, if needed, creating) a company’s security plan including security objectives, employee responsibilities, your company’s security structure, procedures, and actions to take in case of a security breach.

This is vital to responsible hazmat shipping. And, ultimately, that takes top priority.

Job and responsibility specific training

Everyone interacts with hazardous materials in different ways depending on their job and the scope of their responsibilities. And, to get certified through shipping hazardous materials training, it’s absolutely crucial to take this into consideration and to take it seriously.

This means supplying your employees with a thorough, comprehensible, and detailed explanation of the HMR requirements they’re expected to adhere to. However, since everyone has different responsibilities, this training will be tailored and differ according to those responsibilities they have to fulfill.

While it can be difficult to account for everyone’s responsibilities, especially when responsibilities are dynamic, ensuring every employee understands the specific role they play and the different HMR requirements they have to adhere to will keep everyone safer, keep you and your organization out of trouble, and help you cement the reputation of being nothing short of qualified to ship hazardous materials. Which will ultimately help you gain valuable clients!

Contact us now to fill out a needs assessment form!

Instating and maintaining these processes and procedures, as well as educating your employees so they’re safely and consciously handling hazardous materials, is essential to shipping hazardous materials training and acquiring the necessary credentials.

And, at CRGOPak Corp, our 30 years of experience and track record speaks for itself. So fill out a needs assessment form so we can tailor our services specifically to what you need most.

Shiping hazardous materials training is essential for you and your team. Not just for business, but also for your shared, overall health.