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What to Expect from Dangerous Goods Training
January 26, 2023

Working with hazardous materials can be a dangerous job. It is a vital part of the shipping industry but can put workers’ safety at risk if not done correctly. That is precisely why there are hazmat and dangerous goods training courses to certify individuals in the handling of hazardous materials.

At CARGOpak Corp, we specialize in providing customized solutions for shipping hazardous materials and offer comprehensive training for our team members. We have developed a highly effective and knowledge-packed course for handling hazardous goods—empowering individuals to get their certification and continue their professional journey. Below, we’ve compiled some information on what you can expect when it comes to dangerous goods training.

What You'll Learn

Dangerous goods training covers topics such as how to recognize hazardous materials, how to properly package and store them, and learning about the different regulations that apply when handling hazardous items. The course may also cover topics like:

  • How to read material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • How to identify health hazards associated with various types of chemicals
  • Emergency response plans for dealing with spills or accidents involving hazardous materials
  • The legal requirements for transporting hazardous materials safely

These are just a few of the topics covered in dangerous goods training. Depending on your company’s operations, you may need additional training on specific types of hazardous items.

Hands-On Training Procedures

At CARGOpak Corp, we believe that hands-on training is essential for working with hazardous materials safely and effectively. We use realistic scenarios to simulate real-world situations that could occur while handling these substances. In addition to theoretical instruction, this provides valuable experience, so our team members know what to do in an emergency situation. Our instructors also lead interactive tutorials and role-play exercises that allow participants to practice their skills in a safe environment before they are allowed to handle any dangerous goods on their own.

Importance of certification

After completing our course, participants receive certification that proves they have been trained properly in the safe handling of hazardous goods according to national laws and regulations. This certification is required by law before any individual can transport or handle certain types of hazardous materials. It is also an important tool when seeking employment as employers will want proof of your qualifications before hiring you for these kinds of jobs—the benefits of a CARGOpak hazmat certification course are innumerable.

What to expect from CARGOpak Corp hazmat training

At CARGOpak Corp, we are experts in comprehensive hazmat training for shipping hazardous goods. We have prepared countless individuals for the significant task of shipping these specialty goods. We customize our training programs to meet your specific needs—understanding what your shipment plans are and what your goods consist of. To get started, please complete our Needs Assessment Form as much as holistically as you can. If you can’t fill out the entire form, don’t worry. We’ll be in touch with any questions or concerns we have about your application. Now, get ready for some excellent hazmat training.

Get in touch with CARGOpak Corp for online or in-person hazmat training!

Working with hazardous materials requires a specialized set of knowledge and skills that cannot be learned overnight—these skills take time and dedication. At CARGOpak Corp, we provide comprehensive hazmat training courses that teach employees about the different types of hazards associated with these substances as well as how best to package and store them safely and legally. With our courses, individuals gain the necessary expertise needed for handling these hazardous goods in a professional setting—allowing them peace of mind knowing they are fully qualified for their job. Don’t hesitate to fill out our form and begin your hazmat certification journey today.

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